Novi bioetički skandal: Slučaj Markingson – Hastings Center Bioethics Forum

During the years after Dan Markingson committed suicide in an industry-sponsored drug study at the University of Minnesota, his mother looked for justice anywhere she could find it.

..There is simply very little protection for human subjects in privately-sponsored clinical trials. More surprising is the way that Ms. Weiss’ desperate efforts at justice are now being used against her. As calls to investigate her son’s suicide have escalated, University of Minnesota officials have repeatedly refused to look into the case, arguing that the university has already been exonerated by other agencies, especially the FDA.

Bioethics Forum blog – How the FDA Got the Markingson Case Wrong.

Nastavak polemike…

It’s hard to say what is most horrifying in Carl Elliott’s report in the current issue of Mother Jones of a young man who died caught up in a pharma study run out of the University of Minnesota.

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