Dealing with Saif Gaddafi: naivety, complicity or cautious engagement?

Korupcija na LSE? Poznati politolog, demokrat, David Held, ravnatelj London School of Economics objašnjava zašto je uzeo novac od Gadafijeve fondacije…

For those who knew Saif Gaddafi in a different context, this creates a most disturbing paradox. How could we, who saw in him the potential to project a credible reformist agenda, reconcile this with the man he has become? In this context, I have been at the eye of a storm and accused of many things, including naivety or even complicity. The media has raised important questions about the role of engagement in regimes that are autocratic.

putemDealing with Saif Gaddafi: naivety, complicity or cautious engagement?.

Razvila se polemika

I trust you will let me ask you further questions about the wider significance of what you have done and how you might handle the trouble that has come your way… Your resignation spared your conscience from facing the painful irony buried in these words, especially after your acquaintance began talking of fighting ‘to the last bullet’ and ‘rivers of blood’.



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