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What’s gone wrong with democracy | The Economist

Izvrsna analiza današnje krize demokracije u ovotjednom Economistu.

Why has democracy lost its forward momentum? THE two main reasons are the financial crisis of 2007-08 and the rise of China. The damage the crisis did was psychological as well as financial. It revealed fundamental weaknesses in the West’s political systems, undermining the self-confidence that had been one of their great assets. Governments had steadily extended entitlements over decades, allowing dangerous levels of debt to develop, and politicians came to believe that they had abolished boom-bust cycles and tamed risk. Many people became disillusioned with the workings of their political systems—particularly when governments bailed out bankers with taxpayers’ money and then stood by impotently as financiers continued to pay themselves huge bonuses. The crisis turned the Washington consensus into a term of reproach across the emerging world. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party has broken the democratic world’s monopoly on economic progress. Larry Summers, of Harvard University, observes that when America was growing fastest, it doubled living standards roughly every 30 years. China has been doubling living standards roughly every decade for the past 30 years. The Chinese elite argue that their model—tight control by the Communist Party, coupled with a relentless effort to recruit talented people into its upper ranks—is more efficient than democracy and less susceptible to gridlock. The political leadership changes every decade or so, and there is a constant supply of fresh talent as party cadres are promoted based on their ability to hit targets.

Democracy: What’s gone wrong with democracy | The Economist.



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BI: There Isn’t A Single Politician In Italy’s New Government

Demokracija bez političara? There Isn’t A Single Politician In Italy’s New Government.

Duhovit i potpuno otkačen članak o demokraciji bez političara i s namjesničkim vladama napisao je inače u ovotjednom Globusu Željko Kardum.

No dobro, ti namjesnici moraju dobiti i potporu parlamenta, ili?


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The Front Line of Democracy by Radek Sikorski – Project Syndicate

I went to Benghazi to assess the intentions and credibility of the Transitional National Council and Libyan opposition. We brought medical supplies for the Benghazi Medical Center, where injured people from Misurata and elsewhere are being treated.

Around the table sat improbable allies: some had been prominent officials in Qaddafi’s regime; others had spent many years in prison under sentence of death. They were united in recognizing that their country deserved a new start. I was reminded of Poland’s “roundtable” in 1989, when Solidarity sat with the ruling communists to negotiate the end of the regime.

The Front Line of Democracy by Radek Sikorski – Project Syndicate.


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Humility and Democracy | John Keane

Democracy is an ethic whose universality, its applicability everywhere on the face of the earth, stems from its commitment to ‘pluriversality’. It stands for the robust protection of peoples and their biosphere against bogus First Principles and arrogant Grand Ideologies and their claims upon power. Democracy is not a First Principle. It stands guard against pompous Universals, including the imaginings of Liberal Democracy and Western Democracy. Its key ethic is humility, and it therefore remains calm when confronted by the provocative question (posed by the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk in Snow) of whether particular democracies can endure rival forms of democracy created by people they don’t much like.

putem Humility and Democracy | John Keane.


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Autokracija ne posustaje – NY Times Hrvatska

Bliski istok i sjeverna Afrika tresu se od narodnog nezadovoljstva zbog represivne vlasti. Ovdje na Lenjinovom bivšem teritoriju, na području bivšeg Sovjetskog Saveza, autokrati i dalje čvrsto drže uzde. Njihova otpornost trebala bi osvijestiti svakoga tko misli da će svrgavanje tiranskog režima nužno dovesti do procvata demokracije. više: Autokracija ne posustaje – poslovni.hr.


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