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The Repugnant Conclusion (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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The Repugnant Conclusion highlights a problem in an area of ethics which has become known as population ethics. The last three decades have witnessed an increasing philosophical interest in questions such as “Is it possible to make the world a better place by creating additional happy people?” and “Is there a moral obligation to have children?” The main problem has been to find an adequate theory about the moral value of states of affairs where the number of people, the quality of their lives, and their identities may vary.

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Ethical Thinking Should be Rational AND Emotional | Psychology Today

How can you do the right thing? People are sometimes told: Be rational, not emotional. Such advice adopts the widespread assumption that reason and emotion are opposites. This opposition is particularly acute in ethics, where philosophers and psychologists have long debated the relative roles in ethical thinking of abstract inference and emotional intuitions. This debate concerns both the descriptive question about how people actually do think when they are making ethical judgments and the normative question of how they should think.

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Why Economics Is Crucial for Ethics – Art Carden – Mises Daily

I tell my students that economics as such cannot tell you which values to have, but I would argue that endeavoring to understand what careful economic reasoning can say about the world is an important part of being an ethical person because the unintended consequences of policies that fly in the face of basic economic reasoning have been tragic. The cruel irony is that poverty can be institutionalized by policies supported by allegedly well-meaning activists who don’t understand the ramifications of the policies they advocate.

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Why Economics Is Crucial for Ethics – Art Carden – Mises Daily.


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