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EU i arapske revolucije | The Economist

With every new Arab uprising, some European country has placed itself on the wrong side of history. So it is no surprise that the European Union has been slow to tell regimes to listen to demands for democracy and to condemn violent suppression.

When it comes to action the EU has fared even worse… Charlemagne: No time for doubters | The Economist.



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Can Angela Merkel hold Europe together? | The Economist

GERMANY’S chancellor, Angela Merkel, has the future of Europe in her hands. As the biggest creditor country, Germany holds the key to resolving the euro zone’s sovereign-debt crisis. As the continent’s economic giant, it is the biggest determinant of the European Union’s direction. And right now Europe may be embarking on a path that could tilt the union away from economic liberalism, risking a split and, ultimately, even a British exit.

putemThe euro and the European Union: Can Angela Merkel hold Europe together? | The Economist.


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Jean-Claude Trichet: Mora doći do radikalnih promjena

Moj prijatelj Hrvoje šalje mi ovaj link na intervju s predsjednikom EU Jean-Claude Tricheta – “Morat će doći do dramatičnih promjena!” Misli se naravno na stezanje kaiša, a ne na revoluciju. Hrvoje: šalji dalje!


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