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Philosophy as Confession | Standpoint

Porast akademskog interesa za filozofiju, ali sve manje za analitičku…

Philosophy is among the fastest-growing A-level subjects in Britain. This suggests that despite the pressure from governments to increase the teaching of technical, career-oriented subjects, a lot of sixth-formers have a stubborn interest in more traditional enquiries about the meaning of life.

But frustration often ensues as the aspiring philosophy student climbs higher. The university study of philosophy in the anglophone world now offers little by way of a grand synoptic vision of human life and our place in the scheme of things. Instead, the subject has fragmented into a host of highly technical specialisms, whose practitioners increasingly model themselves on the methods of the natural sciences. By the time they reach graduate studies, most students will be resigned to working within intricate, introverted “research” programmes, whose wider significance they might be hard pressed to explain to anyone outside their special area

putemPhilosophy as Confession | Standpoint.



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The Return of Political Philosophy | First Things

Jedan od klasika francuske politologije – online:

The Return of Political Philosophy, by Pierre Manent

Article | First Things.


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Bettanny Hughes o Sokratu – “Šalica otrova”

Sjajna voditeljica dokumentaraca, oksfordska klasičarka napisala je knjigu “Šalica otrova” o Sokratu. Knjigu hvale, ali još uvijek tražim neku dobru knjigu s dokazom da su Sokratu sudili zbog njegovih učenika tj. njihovih simpatija prema Spartancima. Ako netko zna… javite.


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Hawking protiv filozofije znanosti

Is philosophy of science an obsolete pseudo-discipline? Stephen Hawking thinks so. But his work relies on the very sort of speculations that philosophers invented… more»


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