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Hayek – The Back Story – NYTimes.com

Prilično kritični članak o Hayeku, pa ipak:

Keynes, Hayek’s friend and lifelong intellectual opponent, called it “a grand book,” adding, “Morally and philosophically, I find myself in agreement with virtually the whole of it.”

Hayek – The Back Story – NYTimes.com.



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Friedrich A. Hayek, Big-Government Skeptic – NYTimes.com

Fukuyama recenzira Hayekovu knjigu “Constitution of Liberty” u današnjem NY Timesu

Hayek always had problems getting the respect he deserved; even when he was awarded the Nobel in economic science in 1974, the awards committee paired him with the left-leaning economist Gunnar Myrdal. With the passage of time, however, many of the ideas expressed in “The Constitution of Liberty” have become broadly accepted by economists — e.g., that labor unions create a privileged labor sector at the expense of the nonunionized; that rent control reduces the supply of housing; or that agricultural subsidies lower the general welfare and create a bonanza for politicians.

Friedrich A. Hayek, Big-Government Skeptic – NYTimes.com.


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