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Social Animal – By David Brooks – NYTimes.com

Thomas Nagel o novoj knjizi Davida Brooksa “The Social Animal”

The meat of the book is in its general claims about human nature and society. The main idea is that there are two levels of the mind, one unconscious and the other conscious, and that the first is much more important than the second in determining what we do.

The main problem that Brooks addresses in this book is how to understand the relation between these two mental domains. His aim is to “counteract a bias in our culture. The conscious mind writes the autobiography of our species. Unaware of what is going on deep down inside, the conscious mind assigns itself the starring role. It gives itself credit for performing all sorts of tasks it doesn’t really control.”

više: Book Review – The Social Animal – By David Brooks – NYTimes.com.



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Ethical Thinking Should be Rational AND Emotional | Psychology Today

How can you do the right thing? People are sometimes told: Be rational, not emotional. Such advice adopts the widespread assumption that reason and emotion are opposites. This opposition is particularly acute in ethics, where philosophers and psychologists have long debated the relative roles in ethical thinking of abstract inference and emotional intuitions. This debate concerns both the descriptive question about how people actually do think when they are making ethical judgments and the normative question of how they should think.

Više… Ethical Thinking Should be Rational AND Emotional | Psychology Today.


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How to do well: Getting inside the mind | The Economist

How to do well: Getting inside the mind | The Economist.


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The Top 10 Psychology Studies of 2010 | Psychology Today

The Top 10 Psychology Studies of 2010. Ten great studies from 2010 that can improve your life.

Published on December 20, 2010


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