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The Dwindling Power of a College Degree – NYTimes.com

Put od diplome do pristojnog posla više nije tako ravan…

The Dwindling Power of a College Degree – NYTimes.com.



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LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS | The Educational Lottery

Nekoliko knjiga koje “demontiraju” mitove o visokom obrazovanju kao “općem dobru”, i kao dobrome mjerilu za socijalno napredovanje. LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS | The Educational Lottery.


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‘In the Basement of the Ivory Tower’ by Professor X – Review – NYTimes.com

Not every American kid is cut out for college, kaže Profesor X., kojeg NY Times proglašava Assangeom visokog školstva.

Članak iz njegove nove knjige ovdje, a recenzija knjige putem ‘In the Basement of the Ivory Tower’ by Professor X – Review – NYTimes.com.

Ponudu da pišem anonimno o hrvatskom visokom školstvu ponudio sam jednom prilikom jednom našem tjedniku, ali ideju nisu prihvatili (kao: kod nas se autori moraju potpisivati – možda nam je istraživačko novinarstvo zbog toga tako divno…)


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Pay Teachers More? Or Less? | The New Republic

The debate over teacher pay is nothing new. And neither are the arguments about assumptions and methodologies. How do you assign a value to pensions and health benefits? How do you count the time teachers spend working outside the classroom or during summers? How do you factor in job protections and possibilities for advancement?

If you want a lengthy, detailed version of the debate, I highly recommend a 2005 exchange between economists Larry Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute* and Michael Podgursky of the University of Missouri-Columbia. But, writing in the Washington Post last week, he made the case for paying teachers more rather than less:

…we’ll never attract the kind of talented young people we need to the teaching profession unless it pays far more than it does today. With starting teacher salaries averaging $39,000 nationally, and rising to an average maximum of $67,000, it’s no surprise that we draw teachers from the bottom two-thirds of the college class; for schools in poor neighborhoods, teachers come largely from the bottom third.

Miller didn’t pull those numbers out of thin air. They come from a report that McKinsey & Company published last year…

više: Other Countries Pay Their Teachers More. And We Want To Start Paying Ours Less? | The New Republic.


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Our Universities: How Bad? How Good? by Peter Brooks | The New York Review of Books

On the whole, one has to say that the relative autonomy of the American university has been far more beneficial than the contrary. American higher education is a nonsystem that is messy, reduplicative, unfair—just like American society as a whole—but it has made genuine commitments to quality and to a greater degree of social justice, to the extent that is within its control, than most other institutions of the society. It has brought new blood into old elitist institutions, and indeed has thoroughly scrambled the hereditary caste it began with. You have simply to walk the paths of any reputable American university today to see that the student population looks like the range of American ethnicities—far more than many other institutions. Universities have taken seriously calls for inclusiveness and affirmative action. The large expenditures on their admissions offices that bring sneers from Hacker and Dreifus have promoted diversity in ways unimagined fifty years ago. Given the long and continuing history of American anti-intellectualism—which today takes the form of a vicious know-nothingism—I am often surprised that America has universities of the quality it does.

putemOur Universities: How Bad? How Good? by Peter Brooks | The New York Review of Books.


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