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What the science of human nature can teach us : The New Yorker

We are living in the middle of a revolution in consciousness. Over the past few decades, geneticists, neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists, economists, and others have made great strides in understanding the inner working of the human mind. Far from being dryly materialistic, their work illuminates the rich underwater world where character is formed and wisdom grows. They are giving us a better grasp of emotions, intuitions, biases, longings, predispositions, character traits, and social bonding, precisely those things about which our culture has least to say. Brain science helps fill the hole left by the atrophy of theology and philosophy.

A core finding of this work is that we are not primarily the products of our conscious thinking. The conscious mind gives us one way of making sense of our environment. But the unconscious mind gives us other, more supple ways. The cognitive revolution of the past thirty years provides a different perspective on our lives, one that emphasizes the relative importance of emotion over pure reason, social connections over individual choice, moral intuition over abstract logic, perceptiveness over I.Q. It allows us to tell a different sort of success story,

putemWhat the science of human nature can teach us : The New Yorker.



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Istraživanje intuicija: Kako koristiti moć nesvjesnoga? – SPIEGEL 22.2.2011

Nastavak istraživanja heuristika neurološkim sredstvima


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How We Know by Freeman Dyson | The New York Review of Books

How We KnowMarch 10, 2011Freeman Dyson How We Know by Freeman Dyson | The New York Review of Books. Američki fizičar i povjesničar znanosti raspravlja o “biti znanosti” – je li znanost zbirka “dobro utvrđenih činjenica” ili “rješavanje misterija”? Povod mu je knjiga Jamesa Gleicka: Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood.


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John Horgan: Jesu li spekulacije o kozmičkim “svjetovima” jednako nemoralne kao i spekulacije o subprime hipotekama?

Horgan u časopisu Science  postavlja zanimljivo pitanje o “moralnosti” spekuliranja u znanosti (pogotovo astrofizici) – uspoređujući je s “moralnošću” spekulacija s hipotekama. Vidi moj sličan noviji članak o simetričnosti prevara objavljen u Društvenim istraživanjima.


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Hawking protiv filozofije znanosti

Is philosophy of science an obsolete pseudo-discipline? Stephen Hawking thinks so. But his work relies on the very sort of speculations that philosophers invented… more»


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